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An urban home interior designing in Kolkata

The ultimate in cosmopolitan living, the urban modern design style is perfect for smart city-dwellers — with allusions to contemporary, modern, and industrial inspirations, this elevated design style stands on its own. It’s always in style, because of its enviable emphasis on comfort and takes on glamorous city life, and it’s also a smart way to establish your urban hideaway.

This ornamental style is also appropriate for an industrial loft or a modern apartment with views of the city’s roofs. Consider light and airy spaces that make the most of architectural drama via creative furnishings and lavish design. We’re presenting a complete guide breaking down the design style with hints from our decorators to illustrate our take on urban modern décor styling. Let’s look into urban home interior designing in Kolkata.

Urban home interior designing in Kolkata:


Interior design in the spirited urban modern style is contemporary and industrial in its foundation, but not as forcefully as ultra-modern or decidedly industrial design. From warmer tones to well-designed furnishings to relaxing soft furnishings, urban interior design prioritizes comfort and dazzling design.

To draw a room together with global influence, source one-off, and complimentary design trends while keeping it warm and inviting with simple components softened by velvety fabrications and rugs. This is a tried-and-true strategy for making your home feel more whimsical, interesting, and enticing in ways that ultra-modern and industrial designs can’t.


The goal of the urban modern style is to create a peaceful, quiet, yet beautifully adorned home with a lived-in charm for everyday life. You’ll feel at ease and inspired to make the most of your urban modern design direction if you use neutrals and warm tones.

To avoid what may otherwise feel like an overwhelmingly industrial room, paint a feature wall, recess, or alcove a warm and inviting color. The neutrals are vital for grounding and tying everything together in this design, which is truly modern in attitude.


Without having to utilize a lot of different, discordant notes, playing with scale is a quick way to incorporate intriguing features into urban modern design. Bright tones might give off an industrial, urban vibe, but you still need to make your design dynamic and pleasing to the eye.

This is when experimenting with scale comes into play. For nuanced contrasts, match huge elements with the small, such as lighting or art. Also, experiment with rich mixtures to guarantee that your touch on urban modern interior design is unique to you.


Without comfy home furnishings to soften and complete the design, no urban modern bedroom or urban modern living room would be complete. Over white, grey, or wood flooring, consider rugs made of natural materials in warm tones. To bring in more industrial urban interior design themes and features, utilize natural colored throws and pillows on your sofa (in browns, creams, and greys).

To add more color and a sense of grown-up grandeur to your area, add extras like small stools and side chairs in deep tones like greens and blues. Adding metallic tones, such as gold and bronze, and, of course, mirrors, throughout your house is another way to improve any space.


Plants and botanicals are used to add a hint of the organic and natural to the room, which is then mixed with urban modern design to maintain it light and airy. If you haven’t previously done so, this is also a cost-effective approach to introducing color.

Keep accessories to a minimum while focusing on urban modern design that has individuality and charm in small doses, as you don’t want your space to appear bare-boned and minimal. To complete your attempt at mastering urban modern design, make sure the decorative pieces you do show are both utilitarian and lovely additions.


You don’t want each room to look the same, but you do want some consistency between them so they flow well and don’t appear fragmented. Using a single hue to bind everything together in your urban modern home is a creative and subtle approach to creating uniformity between spaces.

This could be the color of your walls, your furniture, or a collection of complementary fabrications. Similarly use a pattern or texture if you don’t want to be conspicuous with matching colors throughout. This is a terrific method to retain modern urban interior design ideas by creating a shared base between spaces.


Making a bold statement is essential for giving urban modern style identity. A statement piece, whether it’s a piece of art, furniture with a distinctive pattern or brilliant color, or unique lighting, should be present in every area. However, a statement piece does not have to be extravagant; as long as your space contains an unusual aspect that makes it stand out, you’ve made a significant enough statement.

A floor-to-ceiling window framed by a gorgeous pair of curtains, a stunning piece of abstract art, or a fantastic antique find full of character could all be examples of a talking point in your design. Above were some urban home interior designing in Kolkata.

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