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MAKE YOUR HOME – THE IDEAL HAVEN – WITH STONE | K Decor Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

Walls that are plain and boring are no longer common. The majority of modern homeowners choose to have unique wall designs that enhance the character of the space. Interior stone design is a popular choice for homes because of its rustic look, and statement walls are popular right now.


It last long

The durability of natural stones allows them to last for many years without deterioration. Despite frequent use, they continue to have an attractive quality. Additionally, they don't require much polishing because they're simple to maintain, preserving their original lustre.

Natural stone is resistant to abrasions and requires a lot of energy to break. Given these justifications, it is obvious that it has a longer lifespan and can increase the durability of your home.

It is environmentally safe

You don't need to expend a lot of energy mining natural stone. There is no chemical waste produced during the entire process, from quarrying to processing, and no toxic compounds are released that affect the environment.

This stone is found naturally, so mining it doesn't deplete any natural resources. There is no waste because every piece of stone can be used. Additionally, it has no negative health effects.

It is special

No two stones are exactly alike. Since patterns and markings will vary from stone to stone, you are free to come up with impressive designs. Due to the multitude of vein patterns that run through the stone, marble, in particular, makes for particularly distinctive and beautiful displays.

What does stone cladding in interior design mean?

In contemporary buildings, stone cladding is a decorative surface, a thin facade made of a natural or synthetic material that is affixed to the top of the basic concrete layer. Walls covered in stone are thinner than regular walls. For natural stone wall cladding in interior design, natural stones or stone-like materials like veneer are frequently employed.

How is stone cladding applied to the walls?

Stone wall cladding can be applied using one of two techniques. The first technique, known as the Direct Adhesion Installation technique, is mostly applied to natural stones. The stone cladding is normally applied to the walls using a cement mortar in this technique. The installation method for spot bonding is the second technique. To allow for gaps and air pockets between the cladding layer and the wall, only 10% of the surface area is covered with wet adhesives in this procedure; as a result, there is a decreased risk of water stains.

With stone siding, how do you clean the walls?

The cleaning technique utilised for such walls should ideally be less invasive as we are talking about indoor stone wall covering. The only cleaning agent required for interior stone-clad walls is water and cloth because they are less prone to dust and stains. The detergent to be used for tougher stains and difficult-to-remove dust will vary depending on the type of stone that has been utilised for the inside stone wall cladding.

In virtually every room of the house, the natural stone wall covering looks amazing. Here are some of the stone design ideas for your home.

The Wall of Bricks

When it comes to internal stone wall cladding design, brick walls are among the most popular aesthetics that homeowners choose. The wall behind the TV unit is the ideal place in smaller flats to encase in stone to give visual interest. The stone's added colour and texture ensure that the wall design doesn't need much more.

Urbane Stone Wall Cladding

Regarding the final appearance, red brick wall cladding is flexible. A stone-clad wall gives modern dwellings, especially bachelor pads, a very urbane and upscale appearance. Applying cladding to a spare kitchen wall, like the one seen here, can completely change it.

For the dining area, stone wall cladding

A shared wall needs to mix in perfectly with an open eating and living area. A gorgeous backdrop for the cabinets, a backsplash for the counter, and a backdrop for the wall art are all made possible by the light grey stone cladding, which gives the wall a lovely smooth feel.

White Wall Covered with Stone

It's no longer fashionable to use plain white walls as a backdrop. As the living room's statement wall, this white wall covered in stone is doing just what it should. It enhances the overall brightness of the room and pairs beautifully with the natural brown of the furniture's warm finish.

The bedroom's walls will be covered in artificial stone.

You could be wondering how to make your bedroom look better. Bedroom walls function beautifully with an inside stone wall cladding design! The soothing grey of the fake wall covering blends in perfectly with the bedroom's neutral colour scheme.

In light colour stone, wall cladding

With the aid of the lovely wall cladding in a light colour, this stunning bedroom interior design is brought to life. The cladding's ostensibly straightforward texture and appearance significantly amplify the design for this space's more striking elements.

Balcony Wall of Stone

It's usually a good idea to employ rocky stone walls in the external design of your home. Stone-clad balconies give the impression that the room is more open to the outside, and the design of the walls very much establishes the mood for the entire area.

For use in bathrooms, artificial stone cladding

A flexible design choice, stone cladding can change distinct rooms in a variety of ways. For the bathroom, asymmetrical stone cladding can drastically transform the room's appearance.

Using stone on walls to increase colour contrast

Aside from creating interiors with a rugged appearance, stone wall cladding tiles can also be employed effectively when the colour scheme of the room and the stones being used are taken into consideration. The brick wall fundamentally alters the dynamic of this contemporary living space. This is yet another stone design idea for your home.

A Decorative Corner With Stone Wall Cladding

The stone-clad wall serves as a stunning backdrop for the lovely, tranquil area of a living room.

In addition to these choices, you can apply stone cladding to the walls to make beautiful patterns rather than covering the entire area with the facade. If you believe that a stone wall cladding would be ideal for your home, get in contact with us for additional suggestions and design options!


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