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Interior designer | Best Interior Designer in Kolkata; Unique interior design for new home-

The perfect minimal living room design concept gives a perfect ambiance to a house. This feature is getting more popular day by day. People are going crazy to get a clean and sleek house look for them. if you're planning to revamp your home interior design anytime soon, you're in the right place for inspiration because K décor gives excellent ideas for Unique interior design for new home. The interior design ideas and trends that we are seeing in the 20th century, bring us nothing but joy.

These trends are going to last long. It is absolutely good to have a unique and beautiful house design and make the customization as you want. There are different kinds of creative and amazing interior design ideas available that will amaze you. There are different design shapes and amazing creations which will make the homes more stunning and which are worth sharing. You can get brilliant ideas for the backyard, bathroom, living room ideas, and many other things that you can see and say just wow! Interior designers can do so many things inside and outside of your home, so if you are looking for memorable one of a kind, or unique designs for your home, then you should hire k decors.

Below, we have discussed some of the Unique interior design for new home.

The Statement celling idea-

Instead of decorating your wall, look for some ideas for the ceiling area of your house. next time while decorating your home, make sure to give importance to the ceiling also. Try to paint the ceiling in a color that creates a contrast to your walls. You can go even bolder and wallpaper your fourth wall. If you live in a smaller room, then try not to paint the ceiling the same color as the wall. Putting lighter color on your ceiling gives a bright effect in your room.

Wallpapers –

you can put wallpaper in your house. Wallpapering the whole dining room with large/heavy pattern paper can be daunting. Try renovating a single wall panel for a more subtle but eye-candy effect. If your dining room has big windows, and always receives sunlight, then you can put a darker wallpaper design. But, if there is less light during the day, then go for the lighter one. Even if there are darker elements entwined within too.

while upgrading your house by putting on the wallpaper, check the color of the wallpaper. A wide range of patterns is available in the market. Organic, floral, geometric, etc. You need to choose the right one which goes on with your house. The amount of light also plays an important role here as it determines the gloss and reflexivity of a wallpaper.

Conceal kitchen ideas-

You may have heard about the concealed kitchen. But do you know how it looks? Yes. That is a thing now. This idea became a huge design trend in the world of kitchen ideas for years. conceal kitchens are perfect for those, who have small kitchen rooms. With living spaces getting smaller and the storage getting smarter, that’s why minimalist kitchens are getting more popular day by day. The items that once cluttered workstops like kettles, knife blocks, and sinks can now disappear into the flush-type cabinets and uninterrupted space to make the most of all surfaces available. This is another Unique interior design for new home, you can apply in your home. Conceal kitchens are perfect for small kitchen designs as they are great for creating a statement look.

Concrete style bathroom-

Creating a spa-like bathroom at home is a dream of many people. One of The easiest ways to get the look is by using micro concrete that allows you to create the design of a full in-depth concrete finish on top of existing walls and concrete floors (think tough skim coat) to your bathroom wall.

This design is tough and gives an aesthetic vibe to your bathroom as well.

The Swing Set Table-

The swing set table is a completely different yet abstract idea for the home. having your meals in this table set can going to be a more relaxing and unique experience than when you sit on the swings.

Spiral Staircase Slide-

This is another beautiful yet Unique interior design for new home , which is adding a spiral staircase to your living room. This is an excellent design for those, who prefer to slide down instead of riding stairs. They are kids friendly so if you have kids in your home, they will definitely love this idea.

In house bar-

In the modern days, some people love to take their drink in their house rather than party outside. During the pandemic, most people have been drinking indoors. For those people, the home bar is a must addition for them. You can add your mini bar to your living room by adding bar carts, cocktails, chairs, and plenty of neon lights. This is the coolest way you can upgrade your interior.

Unique designed sofa sets-

recently, Curved sofa sets are trending. A super popular 80's century design, we’ve seen a major comeback of curved, sculpted furniture, especially when it comes to upholstery. the

Curved sofas and high-back armchairs in sophisticated rich velvets give an instant glamorous vibe and can make a statement even in the most simple of spaces.


These unique, unusual interior home designs have literally managed to leave us speechless. People are going crazy to get a clean and sleek house look for them. if you're planning to revamp your home interior design anytime soon, then this is the perfect time for the renovation. If you use some of these ideas for your interior, then we can guarantee you, that your house will look more awestruck. It is absolutely good to have a Unique interior design for new home and make the customization as you want.


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