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Design your 2BHK & 3BHK home Interior with K Décor Interior in Kolkata

Maybe you have bits and pieces of your dream home in your head, but it hasn’t yet coalesced into a complete picture. There is a lot to accomplish before you can reach mental equilibrium, from picking the proper set of furniture to finding the perfect matching colour palette to finding the right balance of form, space, and function. There are also certain basic interior design ideas to remember and styles to choose from so that your home becomes the perfect fit for you. This is why, as part of a series of blogs covering various home sizes, we’ve compiled a list of the finest 2BHK and 3BHK Home Interior with K Décor Interior for your consideration. Continue reading!

Before you can construct a well-designed place, you must first figure out what you appreciate about it. Having a basic understanding of interior design concepts might assist you in implementing them for your middle-class 3 BHK and 2BHK flat interior design on a budget. You should remember the following five primary elements:

  • Balance in design refers to achieving a sense of coherence through a combination of shapes, colours, patterns, and textures. You can opt for symmetrical balance, in which your three-bedroom flat is divided into equal sides, or radial balance, in which the centre point becomes the focal point of everything around it.

  • Harmony is created when all of the elements in a room, such as shapes, sizes, textures, and colour, work together to generate a coherent statement.

  • There will always be something that serves as a focal point or anchor for the entire room, which is commonly referred to as the emphasis.

  • Interior design, like music or dancing, is about establishing repeating patterns or shapes that provide visual appeal and draw our gaze across the room.

  • Pieces in your three-bedroom home design mustn’t conflict. Architects and interior designers utilise similar concepts to guarantee that every piece within an apartment space is to scale, just as the Golden Ratio exists in nature to assist keep elements in proportion to one another.

There are numerous styles to choose from

You must choose a theme and style that are appropriate for your personality, lifestyle, as well as your goals and preferences.

How can you choose the patterns, colours, and finishes that best reflect your personality and style – and, more importantly, make a home seem like yours? Whether you’re redecorating a massive castle or a cosy cottage, there’s an endless variety of colours, decorations, finishes, and pricing to choose from. Even though the sky is the limit, you should narrow down your preferences to your style, as this will help you narrow down realistic interior design ideas for 3 BHK and 2 BHK flats.

You can, for example, choose a casual style that incorporates soft furnishings, rustic design, and textured textiles to provide warmth, relaxation, and comfort to your house. You can also go for a formal design style, which is characterised by high ceilings, towering windows, and harmonious use of space, among other things. You can go for a traditional appearance if you want something that has lasted the test of time, or a contemporary, modern approach that incorporates various minimalistic, simple, yet smart décor components that tie any area together with geometric beauty.

For 3BHK and 2BHK flat interior design ideas, you can look at a variety of local design types from French rural décor to earthen Tuscan themes, as well as baroque and neoclassical French apartment styles. Essentially, the sky is the limit when it comes to design style options; however, selecting one or a combination of styles will help you narrow down your ultimate interior design concept.


You don’t have to give up your eating space just because you have a small living room. Select a corner and ensure that the table, couch, or chairs adhere to the available walls. You’ll be able to make the best use of the available space this way.

Additionally, choosing plush couches and chairs can elevate your intimate eating room to a new level. Experiment with lighting and wall art to finish the look you’re striving for.


Sticking every piece of furniture to a wall and leaving a large amount of space in the centre of the room is the easiest approach to making a tiny house design look spacious. Take note of how the bed, racks, study table, and even the spare seat and bicycle are all attached to a wall, leaving a large carpeted area in the middle. This hack can be used in any room of a modest home’s interior design.


Ground-level mattresses with unique bedposts not only give you the illusion of a high ceiling but also allow you to make better use of the area surrounding it. Take a look at this creative kid’s room design, which includes two large beds and a colourful lounging area in the space between them. You could also replace the couch with cupboards or study tables, depending on your needs.


A wall-mounted folding table is one of the most practical additions to any tiny room. The one shown here is elegant and has storage drawers underneath. With a few folding chairs, you’ll have an easily accessible dining area anytime you need it. Fold it away to create additional space in the kitchen. It’s a clear win-win situation.


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