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How long does the 3bhk interior design process take? K Décor | Best Interior designer in Kolkata

Why is Interior Design Important?

Many things have changed for us as a result of the pandemic over the last few years. It has made us spend more time in our houses, allowing us to assess the area that reflects who we are and how we feel. Due to higher savings, purchasers have become more interested in larger flats, such as 3 BHKs and 4 BHKs. Interior design has evolved into a necessary approach to incorporate a design in your haven that can create productive and good energy, rather than just a luxury. Simply being utilitarian is no longer enough for a home. On a basic level, the effective interior design improves any place by making it better suitable for the purpose you desire.

A well-designed room allows you to tailor your home to your requirements and lifestyle. It transforms the essence of the people who live there into a real, physical form of space, allowing you to set a realistic budget and the time that would be required in the present for your 3 BHK interior design. After all, we don’t just stay in our homes; we live in them. And that makes all the difference – both monetarily and in terms of the amount of time you will spend in your 3BHK home.

When calculating the cost and time of interior design for a three-bedroom house, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Choosing an interior design budget is akin to purchasing any equipment, truck, or expensive gaming laptop. The notion is that your investment should be tailored to your needs. They do, however, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and levels of comfort. When determining the cost of interiors for 3BHK flats, three elements must be considered: design, practicality, and decorating.

Design: You can create a magnificent, welcoming area by combining an appropriate scheme, colour, ambience, lighting, and several aesthetical elements.

Functionality: Your area must not only be pleasing to the eye, but it must also be a very functional use of space. You can come across a 3BHK space that is badly planned and lacks the conveniences of a well-designed 1BHK apartment.

Decoration: It’s critical that the décor pieces you choose don’t conflict with your design concepts, but rather blend in harmoniously to represent your personality and make it unique.

Based on the three parameters listed above, you should factor in the following to arrive at a realistic 3 BHK interior design cost and timeline:

● The type of interiors you choose (opulent or simple) can have an impact on your budget.

● The cost of the materials that will be used in the design

● The level of functionality and luxury you want in your furniture, appliances, and other items.

● The lighting and fixtures that will be utilised

● The price of labor

● You select a designer depending on the extent of work and cost per square foot.

● If your home is being remodelled or a new design is being implemented,

● Now, let us go over the many parts of interior cost for a 3BHK in India.

In India, how much does it cost to hire an interior designer?

The cost of hiring an interior designer in India varies depending on the scope of work, but it normally ranges between INR 3 – 7 lakhs for a 3BHK room, not including any additional materials. While some designers just charge a fee for designing a 3BHK flat, others will assist you in selecting the appropriate furnishings or even handle the full procurement process, including the installation of kitchen appliances, wardrobes, painting, and other décor items. There are various methods for calculating the interior designer cost for a three-bedroom house, the most common of which are:

● Based on per square foot: From INR 10 per sq. ft. to INR 2,000 per sq. ft., depending on the scope of work and design, you can have your 3BHK apartment decorated in a variety of themes ranging from minimal to luxurious.

● The designer can charge a percentage of the total cost based on the products and materials purchased, ranging from 5% to 20% of the total project cost.

False ceiling

False ceilings have steadily grown in importance in the interior design industry. If you want to include false ceilings in the cost of your 3BHK house interior design, you should think about how decorative and complicated the design will be, how much the ceiling material will cost in your neighbourhood or city, and the quality of the material, and any additional fees. The average price for a hardwood fake ceiling, for example, will range from Rs. 150 to Rs. 2,000 per square foot, depending on the entire area to be covered and the electrical work, light fixtures, surface polish, and gala cutting required within your 3 BHK interior design cost.

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