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Finding the ideal location for your mandir or pooja room while constructing the interiors of your urban home might be difficult. While space in urban residences can be limited, this should not prevent you from satisfying your lifestyle requirements. Your search for the perfect pooja room design, whether modern, traditional, or transitional, has come to a conclusion! Whatever your design aesthetic, we, the best Interior Designer in Kolkata, have a pooja room that will meet your needs flawlessly! Let’s begin by considering how you might construct your pooja room.

Let’s look at some Puja unit designs by the best interior designer in Kolkata:

The bedroom has a mandir unit.

The most common obstacle in having a designated room for prayer is space. In such instances, take inspiration from this design and set aside a place in your bedroom for your pooja room. Your pooja room should face north-east or east, according to Vastu instructions. Also, make sure your feet are not towards this location while you sleep! Are you trying to figure out how to give your sacred space the proper vibes? Choose the appropriate background! To bring in positivity while integrating with your bedroom design, use auspicious colors like white or light tints of yellow, orange, green, and blue. Add a pedestal for your idols to rest on, and your pooja room will be transformed!

The Living Room Pooja Unit

If you don’t have a specific location for a pooja ghar, the best choice is to put it in the living room. Your mandir can be placed in the living room, which is vastu-approved. You might go with a design that matches your living room décor or something completely different. Give a traditional mandir unit a desi touch if you have a modern living room.

Unit of Metal Mandir

Metal is a unique and beautiful material to use for your pooja unit. Is there no room for a pooja unit? No worries! Simply lay your metal idols on an empty counter and surround them with metallic accessories. There are various additional ways to include metal into your pooja unit besides metallic idols. Paint your pooja unit with metallic paint for a stylish look. Metallic themes can also be used to create an attractive aesthetic.

It should be kept behind closed doors.

This pooja room is every devotee’s fantasy, ornate, whimsically white, and set aside. The white carved temple-style center unit is ideal for a home with a traditional design. You define the space for prayer by keeping it behind closed doors. Consider using low stools or seats in the room if you don’t want to sit on the floor while praying!

Behind Curtain

Vastu experts recommend separating your prayer space from the rest of your home with a curtain. But what if you don’t have access to a separate pooja room? Consider using curtains or a jaali panel to define the space. A dark timber laminate background would appear great in your modern pooja room. Consider a design that has plenty of puja samagri storage. Lamps and curtains in gold and copper tones can be used to further beautify the area. Remember to install drapes to maintain the space’s divinity!

A lighted jaali panel adds a touch of tradition.

Your prayer corner gets a boost from a lighted jaali panel. A illuminated jaali panel gives your prayer space a classic feel. Even a simple mandir unit with a platform for your gods gets a boost. This can be all you need to finish your pooja room!

Glass-fronted puja units

‘En-vogue’ and ‘impressiveness’ are two words that effectively describe the puja unit with bay windows.

Choose a plain glass door or one with ornamental elements such as God pictures, Shloka verses engraved on it, or creative work etched on it.

Use a backlight to create a more compelling atmosphere and to add elegance to your décor.

Glass doors provide for complete eye contact with God while also boosting beauty and grace. This solution is best suited for areas that are shared with a dining room or a lounge.

Because privacy is important, frosted glass is stencilled to give the Pooja room a sumptuous look with delicate, detailed shapes.

The pooja room is large, with pillars and wooden doors.

A large and spreading pooja unit with wooden pillars and drapes appears to be overly lavish! The deities within are worshipped while these units cover the windows and doors. As a result, walking inside the room feels like stepping back in time!

Because of its various functions, such as codifying the room or providing a tranquil area for prayer, puja unit doors are frequently deserving of intriguing style.

Above were some Puja unit design ideas by the best interior designer in Kolkata.


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