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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas| KDecor, the best interior design in Kolkata

Everyone enjoys keeping their bathroom tidy and clean. A modern bathroom with a show-stopping appearance can also add practicality to the area. As a result, every modern bathroom renovation is about finding new methods to incorporate modern aesthetics into your bathroom. When remodelling your bathroom, consider the following modern bathroom ideas. Everything is covered here, from structural issues to modern bathroom design ideas by the best Interior Design in Kolkata.

Pick the right layout

To make room for modern bathroom ideas, choose a layout that works for you. This will ensure that your bathroom is both elegant and practical. Separating the wet and dry zones is one of the bathroom remodelling ideas you should think about. The wet area is essentially the bath zone, which includes the shower or tub. It’s recommended to use a curtain or a partition for this. A shower screen is an excellent way to add character to your bathroom. Separating the wet and dry portions of your bathroom will help you avoid accidents, control humidity, and improve the look of your space. It also aids in keeping your bathroom clean and free of soiled footprints.

Carefully consider the shower’s location.

Bathroom makeover ideas should include both design and utility. A modest and effective shower is a good option for small bathroom remodel ideas. If your bathroom features a bath, you should consider the benefits and drawbacks. You can have a bath and shower in the same room in a modest bathroom. You can choose to separate them if you have extra space. When choosing a modern bathroom makeover, make sure the shower is mounted on a wall with the necessary plumbing. Playing with the plumbing can lead to leaks and seepage in the future.

Apply Tiles Modern Bathroom Ideas

Changing tiles is one of the first bathroom makeover ideas that come to mind. If your walls are light in colour, striking pattern tiles are a good choice. Choose a pattern that is appropriate for the size of your bathroom. If the space is limited, choose simple textures to prevent feeling crowded. If you have more space, you can experiment with different possibilities and create more spectacular combinations. In fact, you can renovate your bathroom and replace the tiles in a specific location to draw attention to a certain feature, such as the washbasin or vanity.

Choose bathroom remodelling ideas that make the most of the available space.

During a modern bathroom redesign, get creative with how you use corner spaces to add storage. If you’re remodelling your bathroom with modern bathroom ideas, make the most of the dead space in the corners. Building a corner stack or shelves to store bathroom items would be the ideal use of this area. A closed vanity unit built to fit the corner can also be used to maximise space. What’s the best part? The cost of bathroom restoration is not significantly affected by these modern bathroom makeovers for corner storage ideas.

Make Your Bathroom More Storage-Friendly

There are several ways to increase storage space in your bathroom with a modern bathroom redesign. Under-basin drawers are the most subtle and stylish method to add storage. You can utilise them for a variety of applications depending on their size. You may add colour to your bathroom with colourful drawers for a trendy touch. Wall cabinets are another way to enhance storage. The cabinets can be used to store items that you use on a daily basis. Modern bathroom designs are typically elegant and custom-made. Bathroom vanity units are a common name for such units. It’s the ideal method to expand storage without taking up valuable floor space.

As a modern bathroom décor idea, incorporate open shelves.

One of the coolest modern bathroom ideas is display shelving. They can be used as a source of decoration (think contour LED strip lights), but they’ll also come in handy for storing basics like towels and bathrobes. You can put them over the toilet, next to the shower, or even next to the sink, depending on your needs.

Incorporate modern lighting into your bathroom.

In a bathroom that isn’t well illuminated, no bathroom makeover ideas will function. A handful of challenging questions surround bathroom lighting. Why? Because restrooms are a functional environment, this is the case. You may have difficulty shaving or applying make-up if they are not well illuminated. Bathrooms, on the other hand, are a place where we relax when showering or bathing. And bright lights can detract from the relaxing atmosphere. Using three distinct types of lighting in your bathroom is one method to light it up optimally.

Invest in Bathroom Planters with Modern Bathroom Ideas

Plants can easily be used as a decorative feature in the bathroom. In fact, if you’re seeking bathroom renovation ideas, consider a plant wall. The temperature and humidity levels in restrooms are always changing. Look for plants that have adapted well to these conditions. Other ornamental items, such as miniature decorative perfume bottles or dispensers, should be included.

Above were some modern Bathroom Design Ideas by the best interior designer in Kolkata.


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